When it comes to recruiting for non-profit organizations, there are numerous pitfalls that are easily avoided if you use the proper techniques and procedures.  Since non-profits are usually on a limited budget, it is imperative that the person they hire be the best possible fit for their organization and someone who ideally will remain in this position long term. 

Using a professional recruiter will usually eliminate most of the problems and issues you would encounter if you conducted the search in-house.  Recruiters are experienced in finding the best possible candidates while conducting local, regional and national searches.  They also are experienced in guiding their clients through the entire search and selection process including negotiating the job offer and employment package.  

After the initial search has concluded and a short list of candidates is compiled, a telephone interview will be conducted with each candidate.  2 people, either from the recruiting agency or members of the board usually conduct these interviews.  It is imperative the same questions be asked of each candidate to ensure complete fairness and impartiality is observed.  Score sheets should be used by the interviewers with each question weighed for scoring. 

The final list is narrowed to 2 or 3 candidates who will then be given live, face to face interviews by a committee selected by the board.  A representative(s) from the recruiting agency should also be included.  Again, it is imperative that the same questions be asked of each candidate during this interview along with using the score sheets.  Prior to these interviews, written permission from each candidate must be secured for background checks, credit checks, social media checks and an integrity test.  The background checks should include a national criminal check in addition to criminal and civil checks of all counties or cities in which the candidate has lived the past 7 years.  The integrity test will determine by a pass/fail score as to the character of the candidate and whether this person will be an honest, trustworthy and committed employee to the organization.  Total costs for these checks and tests are usually less than $100.00. 

Following the face to face interviews, the final candidate is selected and pursuant to favorable results from the various checks and tests, the job offer and employment package are negotiated.  Finally, an employment contract outlining the salary, benefits and specifics of the job, including a copy of the job description, is signed by both the new hire and the chairman of the board of directors.  A copy of the contract is then given to the employee and another copy placed in their personnel file. 

Recruiting and hiring employees for non-profits can be tedious and long-drawn, but these obstacles can be curtailed or even eliminated when you have a plan and follow it.  Using the above techniques and procedures will definitely make the process less grueling and complicated.