Corporate Tax

Taxation is a frightening topic for many business owners. Even if you try to do everything correctly, many owners are still frightened of the unknown and the potential penalties associated with even inadvertent mistakes. However, the concerns are not limited only to compliance. Most businesses are also struggling to maintain financial solvency while still meeting the needs of the owners, employees, and stakeholders, and overpaying on taxes or missing out on legitimate tax-savings opportunities can have equally detrimental consequences for the business. That is why it is critical for each business to have a close adviser who can not only help ensure that the taxes are done properly at the end of the year, but also to help the business project their tax liability during the year, and structure themselves properly to minimize their tax expense. Summit can assist with all aspects of corporate tax preparation and planning, and we would encourage you to contact us early in the year so that we can begin assisting with implementing the best strategies for your business.




A Summit Certified Public Accountant can meet with you before, or during the year, to estimate your accrued liability, project your total cost for the year, and also discuss potential strategies to reduce your liability before your taxes are filed.


Summit can handle all forms of business taxes, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, C Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and 501c3 organizations. 



With the recent changes in the tax laws, there is more confusion than ever for business owners who are trying to determine the proper structure for their business. Summit can help you analyze the potential impact of different structures and make an informed decision for your business.

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