Nonprofit Services


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the foundation of all processes and plans for the organizations. Summit can assist with all facets of strategic planning, including the facilitation of the planning process, drafting the plan document, and executing the plan.


A comprehensive assessment is an invaluable resource in developing an effective strategic or business plan. Summit has developed a proprietary assessment process that pulls from a database of over two hundred questions to help organizations identify the facets of their operations that most need attention.

Leadership Planning

Most organizations do not have a structured process for identifying and preparing new leaders, which results in a lack of talent to lead the organization in the years to come. Summit’s Leadership Development programs can help identify, assess, and educate growing leaders and prepare them for increased roles.

Succession Planning

Many successful organizations have failed to survive the transition to new ownership simply because the leadership failed to put a plan in place. Whether you are trying to prepare for a planned exit, or protect your business against an unforeseen event, Summit can help you develop the right plan for your nonprofit

Executive Recruiting

The competition for good employees makes it difficult and expensive for any organization to find the people that it needs. Summit’s resources and expertise can help reduce the expense and the risk of that process and help you find the best people quickly.

Business Training

Effective organizations make training and education a constant element of their culture. Many businesses and nonprofits feel that they cannot afford to provide regular training, but Summit offers affordable solutions for organizations of any size.

Areas of Interest

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