Time and Labor

Businesses and nonprofits invest a lot in finding and keeping the right employees. The last thing that they need is to add unnecessary cost by utilizing inefficient or inaccurate Time and Labor Management systems. Compliance failures, inaccurate timekeeping, and lost productivity are hard for companies of any size to overcome. Summit has the necessary expertise and resources to help small, medium, and large companies implement systems that can help them stay compliant and administer their workforce without having to spend enormous sums to do so.



HR Information Systems

Summit can assist you in identifying the right HRIS for your organization to assist with tracking employee information, leave management, and company data.

FLSA Compliance

Summit can help with classifying employees properly, establishing compliant overtime policies for non-exempt employees, and ensure that your time tracking system supports effective management.



Summit can assist by offering both in-house processing services, and by partnering with outside companies. Our goal is to find the right system for you to help minimize your time and cost.

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