Regardless of the age or size of a business, knowing how much the business is worth is critical information for any owner to have. Whether they are hoping to hoping to sell the business in the future, hand the business off to another employee or family member, or hold on to the business for years to come, the value of the business will play a key role in the success of those plans. However, valuing a business can also be a very difficult process, and most business owners do not have access to the resources and information necessary to be able calculate that value on their own. This is where Summit can help. Summit can assist with analyzing financial trends, projecting future cash flow, accessing market data, and putting it all together to provide an accurate valuation. If you already have your historical financial information available, you can begin that process now by following the link below to access the BizEquity valuation engine. If you prefer, you may also contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals.

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