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Growing and Strengthening Your Business

What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? Whether you are looking to streamline your processes, expand your team, increase your value, improve your cash flow, open up new product lines, or build up new leaders in your organization, Summit has the tools and expertise to help you take your business to the next level. 

Succession Planning

Many successful businesses have failed to survive the transition to new ownership simply because the owner failed to put a plan in place. Whether you are trying to prepare for a planned exit, or protect your business against an unforeseen event, Summit can help you develop the right plan for your business.

Leadership Development

Most organizations do not have a structured process for identifying and preparing new leaders, which results in a lack of talent to lead the organization in the years to come. Summit’s Leadership Development programs can help identify, assess, and educate growing leaders and prepare them for increased roles.


A comprehensive assessment is an invaluable resource in developing an effective strategic or business plan. Summit has developed a proprietary assessment process that pulls from a database of over two hundred questions to help organizations identify the facets of their operations that most need attention.


What’s your brand’s personality? Design and development of a brand is much more than fonts, lines and colors. We work with our clients to create cogent, relevant brands that work. It’s that simple.

Time & Labor Management

One of the more difficult and intimidating aspects of HR administration is handling time and compensation. Summit offers systems that can help track employee time, generate critical information for decision making, and support efficient payroll processing.

Financial Analysis

Accounting is about communication, but many business leaders don’t feel that their financial statements help them understand how their business is doing. Summit can help bridge the gap and assist in making informed decisions.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the foundation of all processes and plans for the organizations. Summit can assist with all facets of strategic planning, including the facilitation of the planning process, drafting the plan document, and executing the plan.

Business Continuation

What would happen to your organization if you were suddenly unable to run it? Most businesses don’t have an answer for that, and are in danger of suffering large losses if that were to occur. Summit has a continuation model to help protect your business.

Business Coaching

Coaches play a valuable role in many aspects of our lives. They help direct us, encourage us, and hold us accountable. Summit consultants can provide that value to you and your business as well.

Performance Management

If you are like most businesses, your employees are the biggest investment that you will make. Can you afford for that investment to not produce a return? Summit can help you implement strategies and processes to help your team be more effective and engaged.


The competition for good employees makes it difficult and expensive for any organization to find the people that it needs. Summit’s resources and expertise can help reduce the expense and the risk of that process and help you find the best people quickly.


Whether you are looking to sell your business, buy a new one, or just plan for the future, knowing what a business is worth is critical to effective planning. Summit offers powerful software with practical experience to produce accurate valuations.

Six Sigma and LEAN

While the value of the Six Sigma and LEAN processes have been recognized for many years in manufacturing and industry, those same processes can also help service and professional businesses increase their efficiency and profitability as well.


Business Plans

An action plan for helping make your strategy and vision become a reality. Summit can assist with the development and execution of all facets of planning, including marketing, finance, human resources, and technology.

Advisory Boards

Large businesses and organizations provide Boards to help advise and support their top executives, but most small businesses do not have access to such a resource. Summit offers a scalable model to help make that accessible to all organizations.

Areas of Interest

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