A key part of building and retaining a good team is providing them with affordable and valuable benefits. With regulations changing quickly, new plan design options appearing regularly, and insurance carriers entering and leaving the market frequently, it is a challenge for businesses to know how to get the best value for their investment. Summit can assist with a full-range of solutions to help your organization best position itself in the marketplace.

Employee Benefits Coverage

There is no single health plan design that will best fit the needs of all organizations. The size, industry, demographics, and needs of each organization will all play a role in the relative value available with different coverage options. By having an experienced advisor alongside your organization, you can more efficiently evaluate the options available for your company and implement the plan that works for you. Summit can help with strategies for:


Plan Administration

Managing an employee benefits doesn’t end with the selection and purchase of a plan. Not only is there a need for timely assistance and service, but many plan designs require additional administration for various components that support the health coverage itself. That administration requires knowledgeable professionals and qualified support staff to see those plans through. Summit can assist your organization with strategies for:


Regulation Compliance

A great deal of attention is being paid to the changes that have resulted from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and rightly so. Navigating the complex compliance, reporting, and penalty structures in place demands up-to-date knowledge and experience. In addition, the ACA is only part of the compliance landscape that can dramatically affect plan administration and design. Summit’s team of advisors and agents can assist in the development of compliance strategies for: