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Each individual company within the Summit family focuses on a unique area of business strategy, allowing that company and its team to provide focused consulting and solutions where needed. Each company is further staffed by consultants and support staff with relevant business experience, training, and education in that field. In addition, the companies are further structured to be able to efficiently deliver comprehensive integrated solutions for clients who can benefit from guidance and support in more than one facet of business operations.

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Our Services

CoWork Bristol

CoWork Bristol is a unique program that provides businesses and nonprofit organizations with the use of a state-of-the-art, 10,000 square foot facility with professional resources to work, learn, collaborate, and grow.

Management Consulting

Every business leader can benefit from having trusted advisers available to them to assist by providing experienced advice and insight regarding critical business decisions

Strategic Planning

Summit can offer a variety of types and levels of strategic planning services, tailored to meet the specific needs and situation of your organization

Human Resources Solutions

Summit can provide you with the resources to build an effective team, improve the performance of your employees, and comply with the ever-increasing  regulations


Summit’s Outsourced Executive Services allow for small and mid-sized businesses to be able to add experienced executive leadership and guidance to their teams without incurring the time and expense of hiring a full time executive staff person.

Marketing Services

We craft the marketing messages your customers see utilize the tools to drive  business your way. Summit Marketing has helped increase awareness and developed winning marketing and communications strategies and tactics for our partners.

Accounting and Tax Services

Accounting and financial systems should accomplish more than just compliance with tax and reporting regulations. Good systems also enable business owners to maximize the use of their assets and make informed decisions to help accomplish long-term goals.

Our Team

Each individual member company includes a collection of professionals with the expertise and resources to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Member Companies

These member companies include Summit Management Consultants, Summit Human Resources Consultants, Summit CPA Services, Summit Marketing Consultants, Summit Risk and Insurance, and Summit Brokerage.

Flexible Structure

The structure of Summit is unique and has been tailored to be the needs of organizations in our market. Each individual company within the Summit family focuses on a unique area of business strategy, allowing that company and its team to provide focused consulting and solutions where needed.


Whether you need guidance or assistance in one specific facet of running your organization, or you need a company to help you put together and execute a complete strategy to grow, improve, or protect your business, the professionals at Summit can help you get take your business to the next level.

About Summit

The Summit Companies is a family of individual companies dedicated to providing affordable and relevant strategic guidance and solutions to businesses and non-profit organizations. Summit displays the same commitment today to providing our hundreds of clients with value that we did when we had only a handful of clients. We also have worked hard to protect the values that we feel are at the core of our character and vision. We have always returned to a mission that communicates our path to delivering a lasting impact in our community.


To elevate organizations through knowledgeable guidance and support,

To strengthen communities through leadership and education, and

To provide rewarding experiences to professionals passionate about serving others.


For businesses and not-for-profit organizations in our community to be empowered and inspired to strengthen the economic health of our area and to raise the quality of life of the individuals in our region, and for qualified and committed professionals to have a fulfilling  professional experience.

Our Solutions

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At Summit, we are always looking to make our organization stronger. If you are a professional who is interested in providing consulting services, or a business owner who is interested in exploring a strategic partnership with Summit, we would love to sit down with you and see how we might be able to help each other reach our goals.

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