Our Team

The true strength of The Summit Companies is our exceptional team of consultants. Summit is proud to have assembled a team that individually and collectively has the expertise, knowledge, and resources necessary to help your organization achieve its true potential.

Technical Expertise

Summit consultants have some of the most respected certifications available across a variety of industries. Those certifications include Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), and Certified Safety Professional (CSP.) In addition to industry certifications, our consultants are also trained and certified in a variety of programs and resources that are popular among business owners, including all versions of QuickBooks. Summit consultants also have a variety of advanced degrees, including both Master’s and Doctorate degrees, in a number of areas.

Practical Experience

Technical expertise alone, however, is not enough to maximize an organization’s potential. That requires the experience that can only come with years of practice in applying business principles in  the  real  world.  Our  consultants come from a wide range of industries but  have  in  common  the  knowledge that comes from extensive experience. The diversity of backgrounds of our consultants provides a valued resource of first-hand experience as our team helps to design practical solutions for your organization.

Commitment to Excellence

Summit consultants also share in common a passion for continual improvement in order to provide the best results to our clients. That includes commitments to continuing education, developing new technical knowledge, and to always striving to improve our ability to meet your needs..

Pledge of Integrity

Summit consultants believe in providing principled direction and working with you to uphold the values of your organization. When you choose to work with a Summit consultant, you are working with an individual who has made a commitment to exhibiting the highest levels of professional integrity, and Summit is committed to ensuring that is upheld.

The Benefit of a Strong Team

Sometimes an organization can benefit from a team of consultants working on their behalf. However, business owners often hesitate to bring on multiple individuals without knowing if they will be able to support each other or detract from each other. Summit offers businesses the opportunity to work with a team of consultants that knows how to support and balance each other to deliver the best value to your business.

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