Marketing Services by Summit

Most business owners recognize the importance of a good marketing plan, but few realize just how extensive that marketing plan should be. Marketing entails far more than just the promotion of a company; it includes understanding your customer base, developing a brand, streamlining the sales process, and strengthening customer relations in order to build and maintain a strong client base.

Brand Management

In order to position yourself competitively in the market, you need to build a recognizable brand that is associated with the qualities that consumers and clients value. Summit can help you develop a brand management strategy and support it through these programs

➢  Product Development – Packaging products to demonstrate value
➢  Website Development – Building and maintaining an effective website
➢  Social Networking – Utilizing social media to reach out to customers and prospects

Sales Management

Many organizations miss out on potential sales not because of an inferior product, but because their sales process is not as effective and efficient as it could be.

➢  Market Analysis – Developing an understanding of the needs of your potential customers
➢  Sales Training – Improving the success rate at closing potential business

Client Relations

For many companies, their existing client base represents one of their most underutilized markets. Strong organizations have a plan for marketing to clients to both retain their business and to round out those accounts.

➢  Account Development – Identifying and offering new products and services
➢  Client Retention – Maintaining a relationship to help ensure continued business