Human Resources by Summit

Managing employees is often a difficult and time-intensive aspect of running your business. An effective Human Resources program will not only ensure that your company meets employment regulations but also will help you hire and retain productive employees. Your Human Resources plan needs to support your company’s overall vision and not consume time needed for business operations.

Team Building

Finding, training, and keeping effective employees can be an expensive and time-consuming process. We can help with each step in the employment process so that you can attract and keep great team members . Summit can help you develop a team building strategy and execute it through:

➢  Recruitment and Retention – Finding and keeping the right employees
➢  Payroll – Payroll processing, tax deposits, and forms filing
➢  Time and Labor Management – Gathering and utilizing data for planning and compliance

Employment Law Compliance

The ever increasing number employment laws and payroll regulations can pose a formidable challenge as you seek to maintain and grow your workforce. We can help you avoid costly penalties, fines, and lawsuits while providing a consistent approach to employee concerns.

➢  Handbooks – Developing and updating employee manuals
➢  Supervisor Training – Programs for ensuring employee compliance

➢  Policies and Procedures – Writing compliant and understandable policies

Performance Management

Providing a framework for training and instructional resources will help integrate employees with your company and apply their skills to benefit the organization.

➢  Employee Testing– Assessing personalities and aptitude for optimal training
➢  Job Analysis – Analyzing and utilizing breakdown of duties for individual jobs