Areas of Focus

Summit has designed its consulting services and products to be as universally applicable as possible across industries, entity structures, and sizes of business. However, there are some facets of business operations that are unique to certain types of organizations. In those situations, it can be helpful to work with professionals that have extensive experience in businesses or organizations similar to yours. That is why Summit has also developed specialized areas of concentration where we have packaged services and solutions to specifically meet the needs of a segment of our client base. In each case, we also can provide consultants who are experienced in working in and with those types of organizations. Below are just a few of our areas of focus.


  • Small Business – These are typically new startups or existing businesses that have fewer than five employees. Our products for this segment are designed to be affordable and flexible to meet the needs of owners with limited resources and time
  • Growth Businesses – One of the hardest phases for any organization to navigate is the stage between building a sustainable business and becoming a mature business. During that time, businesses typically struggle to establish effective staffing plans, performance models, and reporting systems, while also navigating increasing complex areas of compliance.
  • Nonprofits – Our nonprofit concentration offers unique systems and processes to address the specific needs of charitable organizations, such as financial reporting, governance, and board management
  • Construction – The construction industry faces some of the most complex compliance requirements of any industry, yet many contractors lack the necessary resources or time to meet all of those demands. Our construction industry experience allows us to help design and implement specific solutions to allow our clients focus on what they do best.
  • Manufacturing – Summit’s manufacturing programs allow our clients to balance safety and regulatory concerns with performance management and cost control to be able to meet financial and client demands while still keeping employees safe and productive
  • Professional – Being a professional firm, Summit also knows firsthand the specific demands faced by other professional organization. Our programs can help manage the specific risk management and staffing challenges that many organizations face.

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