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The Summit Companies is a family of individual companies dedicated to providing affordable and relevant strategic guidance and solutions to businesses and not-for-profit organizations. The structure of Summit is unique and has been tailored to be the needs of organizations in our market. Each individual company within the Summit family focuses on a unique area of business strategy, allowing that company and its team to provide focused consulting and solutions where needed. Each company is further staffed by consultants and support staff with relevant business experience, training, and education in that field. In addition, the companies are further structured to be able to efficiently deliver comprehensive integrated solutions for clients who can benefit from guidance and support in more than one facet of business operations.

Since Summit was founded in 2005, it has greatly expanded the scope and focus of its operations. During that time, it has moved to larger offices, added additional locations, and grown exponentially in terms of the size of its team. During that time, however, much has stayed the same. Summit has endeavored to display the same commitment today to providing our hundreds of clients with value that we did when we had only a handful of clients. We also have worked hard to protect the values that we feel are at the core of our character and vision. Furthermore, we have always returned to a mission that communicates our path to delivering a lasting impact in our community. Even as that mission has been clarified and updated over the years, the message has stayed the same.

Our mission is to provide qualified individuals with the opportunity to meet their professional and financial goals through providing organizations with the guidance and support necessary to maximize their potential.

We invite you to come learn more about how we are trying to carry out that mission today and to challenge us to show you how it shapes the services and products that we provide and how it guides our relationship with each of our individual team members. We are proud of how far we have come and grateful for the many blessings and opportunities that we have experienced along the way, but we are even more excited about where we are headed. We hope that you will allow us to share that vision with you and consider how you might be able to benefit from being a part of it.

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